Alternative energy and energy saving technologies are known to be nowadays the main fields of world power economy.

Solar energy – is a type of alternative energy, based on direct use of solar radiation when producing energy. Solar energy comes from the inexhaustible energy source, i.e. it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t produce generating hazardous waste.

Today there are two active solar technologies that include electrical or mechanical equipment and these technologies are gaining popularity at the moment. The first one is based on the use of collectors or panels that heat water or provide air ventilation in buildings. The second technology is basically photovoltaic technology used for solar panels to convert light into electricity.

“Enesol DMCC” Company offers innovative projects in solar energy use, and these projects let your business be situated and develop anywhere, what makes the role of grid nets less significant. We provide quickly mounted and dismounted solar photo-electric power stations of various capacities for industrial use at locations not available for stationary grid.

The advantages of solar photo-electric power are: accessibility and inexhaustibility of the energy source. Theoretically, total environmental safety and ecological purity of produced energy can be added on the list. Besides, definite pros of solar photo-panels are durability and service ability (the service life of solar photo-panels in general is 20 years or more). Solar photo-panels don’t require a liquid fuel, i.e. their performance doesn’t depend on the oil price and transportation troubles.

The installation of the system on the site of the industrial activities will also solve the problem of lighting and creating working conditions