About Us

“Enesol DMCC” is an energy company founded in 2014 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A team of qualified professionals will be glad to perform the entire range of services aimed at the project implementation on solar photo-electric power plant installation (including project documentation, equipment delivery, site preparation, equipment mounting and dismounting, equipment adjustments and debugging, maintenance and repairs) – we will do all the necessary work, inform you about the principles of use, management and control of the power plant.

Our company offers off-grid power plants that are durable, completely stand-alone and environmentally friendly energy sources for consumers who don’t have access to the centralized power supply (temporarily or permanently).

The company’s mission is providing electricity to industrial facilities that do not have access to the centralized grid.

Introducing alternative energy technologies, we find ways to improve working conditions, housing and household amenities at industrial sites situated away from the centralized power supply network and using diesel generators.

“Enesol DMCC” Company brings together a team of highly qualified professionals with brilliant practical experience in the field of alternative energy solutions and operational life support.